Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs


Head: Dean
Margaret Helen U. Alvarez
Phone: +035 4201901 loc 365



The University Graduate Programs as an academic unit of 澳门六合彩下注平台 pursues a Christian Philosophy of education. It makes available to all its students, faculty and staff an education rooted on the Christian faith which affirms that the pursuit of excellence embraces all of University life 鈥 instruction, research, community service and administration. It aims to prepare persons for leadership roles committed to total human developmental and environmental well being. Toward this end, it will promote academic excellence by providing relevant education within the context of Philippine conditions and responsive to the needs of the Filipino people.



  1. Develop effective and morally responsive leaders in education, government, business, industry and other field for the achievement of national goals;
  2. Stimulate and equip students to undertake research activities geared towards human development including the preservation, enrichment and transmission of the cultural heritage.
  3. Foster competence in teaching, supervision, administration, management, research and service and
  4. Upgrade personal development by improvising among others effective communication, critical and analytical thinking and skills in interpersonal relationship.

The University Graduate Programs thus represents recognition of the need to bring to bear substantial resources of a staff and finances for the solution of educational problems and problems in other fields and for the preparation of a number of men and women for leadership posts in all fields of endeavor.

The graduate program, therefore, should make provisions for the study of matters and problems relating to or affecting education and other disciplines, and communicating the findings of research to their end-users.

Please refer to the University Admission Requirement

Admission Requirements of the University Graduate Programs (in addition to the University Admission Requirement)

  1. 础肠肠辞尘辫濒颈蝉丑别诲听
  2. 础肠肠辞尘辫濒颈蝉丑别诲听
  3. Thesis / Dissertation Concept (Essay)
  4. Application Fee Payment Receipt from the University Business and Finance Office
  5. Transcript of Records
Alvarez ,
Margaret Helen U.
Rank: Associate Professor
  • PhD-Clinical Psychology
Oracion ,
Enrique G.
Rank: Professor
  • Ph.D. in Anthropology (University of San Carlos, Cebu City)
  • Master of Arts in Sociology (澳门六合彩下注平台, Dumaguete City)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (澳门六合彩下注平台, Dumaguete City)